Welcome to USGunGear! Why buy from us? We offer only top quality American Made products. We strive to bring you the most innovative gear in the industry. Our company owners have years of experience in the industry testing different materials and designs. We use the highest quality materials available in our products.

Our Products

We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products.

USGunGear holsters have a tough waterproof 2000 denier outer shell, armored outer edge 4-ply binding, built-in sight ramps, tufted polypropylene lining, and heavy gauge webbing. Our tufted polypropylene lining is superior to typical foam holster linings. It holds gun oil in contact with the gun to provide better rust protection and it will not break down over time in the way that foam linings do.

USGunGear holsters have a speed release system, better than the typical velcro thumb break, that exceeds level 2 retention standards. Holsters are snatchproof, but drawing the weapon can be done easily by the wearer in one motion.

We Can Fill Special Product Requests

We manufacture our products in the USA from American made materials. This not only assures you a top quality product - it also allows us to customize our products to suit your needs. If you have any special product requests we would be glad to hear from you. Just fill out the Contact Form on our web site.

We Offer Wholesale Services

We also offer services for wholesale buyers. See our Wholesale Services page or Contact Us for more information.